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One out of four children struggle in school because of a vision problem preventing them from reaching their full potential. 80 percent of learning is visual and many times vision issues are misdiagnosed or labeled as something else such as ADD(ADHD), dyslexia, or a learning disability. If a child is struggling to see the print single and clear, the majority of the energy is spent on just trying to figure out what the symbols are, let alone being able to process or comprehend for learning to take place.

Sometimes when someone has an eye teaming issue the words can appear like this:

text 2 doubled.png
Teacher & Student

Reading ability and comprehension are just two of many skills that suffer when the eyes are not working correctly together. Kids do not realize this is an abnormal way to see and never complain. Even if you have been told that vision is fine, there could be a hidden vision issue. Homework taking hours to complete, mixing up b's and d's, skipping lines when reading are just some of the many signs when a child has a vision related learning issue.

Fill out the vision quiz today to see if your child has an obstacle impeding his or her progress.

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