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What is vision therapy?

A set of supervised eye exercises that strengthen the way the eyes work and their connection to the brain.


How long does it take to improve my eyes?

Each person and diagnosis is unique and an individualized therapy plan will be made, so there is no telling exactly how long it will take. Most people see improvements after just a few sessions.


Can a stroke, concussion, or brain injury affect my vision?

Over half of the circuits in the brain are involved in the vision process and many times after an injury to the brain vision is impaired. After a concussion the vision symptoms are very subtle but can have a large impact in day to day activities. There are options to help, such as lenses, prisms, tints and vision therapy to aid in the recovery process.


Does Vision Therapy really work?

Yes it does. There are many diagnoses where vision therapy is the best treatment option available. The research confirms the results of vision therapy and has very high success rates.

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