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A child in a classroom working on a problem with a teacher helping.


Idaho Vision Development Center was founded to help patients in an area that can often be overlooked. The focus during most eye examinations is to check for glasses and any kind of disease which are very important tests needed on a yearly basis. Our visual systems are very complex as over half of the circuits in the brain help us first capture, second process, and then see the world. In the ever evolving world of technology the demands for up close vision is constantly being tested and as vision is a learned skill, it may need some help if proper vision development gets disrupted. There are three pillars of vision which we test at near including:


  • Eye Teaming

  • Eye Tracking

  • Eye Focusing


If just one of these skills is not working correctly, it can cause major problems during reading, schoolwork or other near activities. Many times problems arise that may not appear as vision related because a child does not know how his or her eyes are supposed to work and assumes everyone sees things the same way.


By improving vision development, we help unlock potential in individual lives. There is no limit on age as the brain is neuroplastic and be trained to find more efficient visual pathways. Call to set up your appointment today.

Eye Test Glasses
Dr. Dan Nielson who is board certified in vision development and vision therapy.

Daniel Nielson O.D.


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